Mold Remediation

Mold must be contained quickly, especially in the event of extensive water damage.  Every situation of mold is different from another and Consolidated Construction Services will provide the best solution that addresses your unique mold contamination problem. Our team has extensive experience in mold remediation in both commercial and residential properties. When dealing with any mold problem, it is vitally important for you to work with an experienced company that is properly trained and experienced in the safe removal and disposal of any affected areas. We observe strict adherence to The Clean Trust standards (Formerly IIRC).

It is important to note that growth of mold on the surface of something, or the discoloration caused by the growth of mold, only shows the exterior damage. Mold thrives on many types of building materials such as cellulose which is contained in drywall, wood, etc. and outward signs of mold show only part of the damage.  Mold grows very quickly and can appear in less than 48 hours.

• Pre-testing to assess extent of contamination

• Professional disposal of contaminated materials

• Assess damage and provide written estimates

• Post-testing to ensure air clearance