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Frequently Asked Questions

Restoring Order When Disaster Strikes

Q: What do you mean when you say you offer “turn-key” restoration AND reconstruction services?

A: Most restoration and reconstruction companies do not offer both services. Therefore, two separate companies become involved in the restoration and reconstruction process. This can elevate the chances of scheduling delays, communication mishaps and even finger pointing and an unwillingness to accept responsibility if a problem arises. Consolidated Construction Services, Inc. boasts full in-house staff of both restoration and reconstruction professionals. We have the capability to handle the entire project from start to finish.

Q: Do you work for the Insurance Companies?

A: No, we work for you, the home or business owner. We work with your insurance company. Our prices are set by a software program called Xactimate. This is the most widely used pricing program by insurance adjusters. What this means to you is that our prices are no surprise to the insurance companies who will pay the bill.

Q: Who is responsible for paying for the service?

A: Ultimately you, the property owner, are responsible for payment. As the property owner you will need to sign a form authorizing the work and payment. If this is an insurance claim, Consolidated Construction Services, Inc. generally collects only the deductible amount and bills the balance to your insurance provider as a service to you. If you have a large loss, your mortgage company may be included as a payee on the check from your insurance company, and you may need to obtain a signature from them as well. If your claim is not covered, or you decide not to file a claim, you will be expected to pay in full at the time of service.

Q: Do you really answer your phones 24/7?

A: Yes. our certified professional employees are here when you need us. Just tell us your emergency and we will get to work. You can reach us any time of day or night just call 540.725.3900. Our emergency on call employee will answer and respond immediately with generators, roof tarps, board-up equipment and all necessary equipment for your particular emergency. When Disaster Strikes We Are Here To Restore Order To Your Home Or Business.

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