24 HR Emergency Hotline
Call Now: 540.725.3900

24 HR Emergency Hotline
Call Now: 540.725.3900

After the storm is over… What Do You Do First?

  • Call Insurance Company and Agent
  • Call Restoration Company
  • Protect Your Property: Valuables Out & Board Up Your Home!
  • Doctor/Pharmacy: List of all medicines
  • Locate Important Documents such as Insurance Policy, Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Etc.
  • Get a notebook, Write everything down
  • Take pictures of everything
  • Save ALL receipts
  • Pets: Notify your vet or family for temporary housing and care

Whose Responsibility is it?

Emergency Services

  • Keep trees trimmed away from structures
  • Know where cutoff for gas, water and power are located
  • Protect public health & safety
  • Control traffic at the scene of the disaster
  • Take necessary actions, sometimes at owners expense, for the purpose of removing public hazards

Insurance Agent/Adjuster

  • Establish policy coverage and verify loss
  • Establish dollar amount of damage
  • Settle claim by making payment or procuring payment from insurance carrier

Property Owner

  • Secure and stabilize property to prevent hazard to the public and to minimize further loss
  • Notify insurance and mortgage companies of damage
  • Establish itemized list of damaged or destroyed items
  • Hire a restoration company/ contractor
  • Be the liaison between the insurance company and your restoration company of choice Once the storm has passed, you realize that your damaged home is open to the elements and to potential thieves

What do you do?

In most cases, it is up to you, the homeowner to make arrangements to secure your home.

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